Christmas Craft Ideas

Good Enough to Eat: Edible Christmas Craft Ideas
One of the best thing about the holiday seasons is the treats: gingerbread and sugar cookies, peppermint and egg nog. It makes sense, then, that some of the best new Christmas gift ideas would be made out of edible treats as well! Shortbread, cranberries, popcorn, cinnamon sticks, and countless other goodies can be used to make your home look and smell absolutely amazing—without spending a fortune.


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Christmas Tree
Some of the easiest edible Christmas craft ideas can be incorporated into your Christmas tree decorations. Rather than wrapping tinsel garlands around the tree, try using dried or candied fruit. Take dried or dehydrated lemon and orange slices, then string them along a length of twine. Intertwine them with fairy lights and wrap them around the tree for a sophisticated, antique-looking tree. Instead of ornaments, consider something that smell as good as they look. One of the most popular Christmas craft ideas from the 19th century was the pomander. To make it, take an orange, and stick it full of cloves like pins in a pincushion. This preserves the orange while giving off a delightful spicy smell. Then, attach a ribbon to hang it from the Christmas tree. Another of the edible Christmas craft ideas involve dried pomegranate seeds, which have a lovely dark red color. Take an empty glass ornament and fill it with dried pomegranate seeds to add some Christmas color to your tree.

Wreaths and Garlands
There is no shortage of Christmas craft ideas for wreaths and garlands—these are two forms of decorations it’s easy to inject with your own creativity. For garlands, don’t underestimate the subtle charm of a string of popcorn (make sure to use stale popcorn when you thread the pieces together—fresh popcorn breaks!). Popcorn and cranberry garlands are a popular choice—you can make a strand of cranberry and a strand of popcorn and twist them together like a candy cane, or alternate cranberries and popcorn kernels on one strand. Cranberries and dried apple slices are also a colourful choice. As far as wreaths are concerned, there are several Christmas craft ideas that are charming as well as beautiful. Try decorating a pine wreath with candy canes or peppermints. Take dried apple disks and string them together in the shape of a wreath, using cinnamon sticks instead of a bow.

When it comes to decorations, some edible Christmas craft ideas are already very familiar—take the humble gingerbread house. But there are other ways to beautify your home using tasty treats. Before placing a tray of gingerbread men in the oven, poke a hole near the head or on the hand. Once you’ve decorated the cookies with royal icing, allow the icing to harden, then thread ribbon through the holes. Hang them throughout the house or in the window for a beautiful treat—just don’t be surprised if an arm or a leg mysteriously goes missing. Stock a clear vase with pine bows, using peppermints instead of pebbles to hold the boughs in place. Another idea is to place a bowl on the center of your coffee table and fill it with oranges, cinnamon sticks, and dried cranberries.
With these tips, your house will be full of the sights and smells of the Christmas season, while only costing a fraction of what traditional decorations cost.