Christmas Crafts

Fun Christmas Crafts to Do With Your Kids
While Christmas is fun for children and adults alike, there is something particularly joyful about the enthusiasm kids have for the holidays. Spend some quality time with your children this Christmas by making some fun Christmas crafts. These can be given away as presents, or simply used as decorations around the house. While there are hundrends of potential activities you and your children can do this Christmas, here were some of our favourites:


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Styrofoam Christmas Tree
The first Christmas tree has been attributed by legend to Martin Luther, who placed candles in a tree to remind him of the way the stars looked in the forest around Christmas time. Over the years, Christmas trees have come to have religious symbolism as well: eternally faithful (like an evergreen is always green), with the branches pointing up towards heaven. Because Christmas trees have such a special place in our hearts, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most Christmas crafts are related to Christmas trees and Christmas decorations: sewing Christmas trees on pillows, or making Christmas tree ornaments. The Styrofoam Tree is an easy Christmas craft that makes a great table display—or try bunching several together as a fun window treatment.

Styrofoam Christmas Craft Materials:
Styrofoam cone
Green felt (enough to cover the cone) and yellow felt (for star)
Craft jewels, buttons, and craft pearls
3 pieces of red glitter pipe cleaners (chenille)
1 gold sequin/button
Hot glue gun

1) Place the Styrofoam cone on top of felt, and roll to until the cone is covered completely. (Note: Both cone and felt can be found easily at any craft or Christmas Craft store). Be sure there is at least half an inch of extra felt at the bottom of the cone, so it can be tucked underneath. Glue the felt closed on the side. Cut small ½ inch slits along the extra felt on the bottom (every 2 inches or so), then glue the flaps down under the tree.
2) Glue the glittery pipe cleaners around the cone like a garland. Then with the glue gun, add the craft jewels, buttons, or pearls onto the tree as ornaments.
3) Cut out a star from the yellow felt and glue it to the top of the tree. Paste the gold sequin or button into the center.

Candy Christmas Trees:
The best Christmas crafts are those you can eat. This twist on the traditional table place sitting is cute, fun for kids, and edible. All it takes is some green pipe cleaners and your favorite candy. The best part is, it’s easy enough for children as young as 4.

Candy Tree Christmas Craft Materials:
Green pipe cleaners (chenille)
Bite-size candy (3 musketeers, Reese’s Mini Cups)

This Christmas craft couldn’t be easier! Simply take the pipe cleaner and bend it around the pencil. It should come out into a perfect spiral. Then take your toothpick and poke a hole into the candy wrapper. Stick one end of the pipe cleaner into the candy, then position the pipe cleaner, adjusting the width of the “branches” as desired. If you want, you can glue little sequins or cut out small stars to glue to the top of your miniature Christmas craft.