Christmas Decoration

How to Make Gold and SIlver DIY Christmas Wreaths
It’s hard to choose a favorite Christmas decoration—there are the beautiful ornaments that hang on the Christmas tree, the plush stockings over the fireplace, or the glittering candles in the window. But a favorite Christmas decoration of mine has to be the wreath. Christmas wreaths welcome visitors into your home and prepare them for the holiday spirit inside—before they even cross the threshold.


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But as anyone who has gone shopping for this charming Christmas decoration can tell you, wreaths cost serious money. And often, most wreaths you buy at a store have a very similar look and feel to them. That’s why I’ve chose three of my favorite Christmas wreaths to show you how easy it is to make them yourself.

Silver Eucalyptus Wreath
This charming Christmas decoration doesn’t have to be made from eucalyptus—any sort of winter plant would do just fine. The base is noble fir, and springs of plants, silver and glittered baubles, and ornaments embellish it.

20-inch-diameter noble fir wreath
Wired silver-ball ornaments (various size)
Wired silver glitter fruit/birds (various sizes)
2 feet of silver ribbon
2-3 branches of eucalyptus

1. Break off a sprig of the eucalptyus branch. Take a wired ornament or a wired bird and wrap the wire securely around the eucalyptus. Do this until you have a pile of 8-10 sprigs.

2. At what will be the top of the wreath, attach the largest silver or glittered ornament directly to the branches of the fir wreath. Tie the ribbon into a bow, then secure it to the wreath under the ornament using a bit of wire.

3. Now it’s time to start building the rest of your silvery Christmas decoration, Take the sprigs of eucalyptus and begin securing them at intervals around the wreath, securing them to the wreath with wire. Use the bushiest sprigs on top, and the lighter ones on the bottom.

4. Add any remaining ornaments or sprigs of eucalyptus to your Christmas decoration, then hang on the door!

Golden Wreath
This is a favorite Christmas decoration of mine because it’s so unusual. The combined affect is something similar to the frame of a renaissance painting.

20-inch wreath form
26-gauge gold wire
10 sprigs of faux-gold leaves
2 bunches of wheat
5-10 branches of faux-gold fir branches

1) For this Christmas decoration, be sure to cut the leaves, wheat, and branches into pieces that are around 5-inches long. Make small bundles (the thickness of your thumb) of each individual group: wheat, branches, and leaves. Secure with gold wire.

2) Take your wire form, and attach the end of the wire (keeping it on on spool) to the form. Bind the first bundle (let’s say branches) to the form with the wire—but do not cut the wire.

3) Add another bundle (wheat) below the first, overlapping them. Then bind. Repeat, this time with gold leaves. Continue this pattern until the form is covered, and your golden Christmas decoration will be ready to shine.