Christmas Decorations

How to Make Unique Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Outdoor Christmas decorations fulfill two unique rolls: they allow your home to look beautiful to passers-by, while sharing the warmth of inside festivities. Traditionally, people decorated their homes with fairy lights or a nativity crèche. While those are still great ways to share your Christmas spirit, consider incorporating Christmas decorations that have a little bit more creativity and modernity into the old standards.


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Here are our top 3 outdoor Christmas decorations you might want to consider this holiday season:

Fire and Ice
For those of you who live in areas that see a lot of snow around Christmas time, here’s a way to make that snow work for your Christmas decorations. The Fire and Ice lanterns are subtle, sophisticated, and more than a little bit clever.

1. To make a large lantern, place a 40-watt outdoor light in a glass jar. Then place the light into a bucket. Make uniform, tightly packed snowballs, and start building a pyramid around the bucket. The light from the bulb will glow through the cracks, making the entire structure glow.

2. For smaller “lanterns”, pack a buck with snow, then hollow out the center. Carefully unmold the bucket the way you would a sand castle. Spray the form with water so it will ice over, maintaining its shape. But the glass-jar-light bulb into the hallow opening, and there you have it—Christmas decorations that glow like angels.

O Christmas Trees
We’re all familiar with the traditional reindeer silhouette we see on more than a few neighbors’ lawns every Christmas. Here’s a twist on the traditional silhouette Christmas decorations.

3-tier wire cage (like the conical ones used for growing tomatoes)
Black electrical tape
100-bulb strands of mini lights

1. Bend the cage's legs together until they form a point, then tape them together.

2. Beginning at the point, wind the lights around the cage, stopping every so often to secure the strand with tape.

3. Hang your Christmas decorations from a nearby tree, or prop up on your lawn in bunches to create the illusion of a miniature forest.

Good Fences Mean Good Neighbors
Similar to the Christmas trees, these Christmas decorations involve trimming lights around metal in order to make an exciting silhouette. In this case, we’re using mini lights (or rope lights) to create small lawn fences that light up with a Victorian elegance.

Metal garden edgers
Black electrical tape
Strands of rope (or mini) lights (amount depends on the size of the project)

1) Line the pathway to your house on both sides with metal garden edgers. Tape them together so they all lign up evenly and close together

2) Staring on the right side, follow a particular motif in the metal edger, rather than trying to trim the entire design. Plan to end near an electrical source. Take every 6 inches or so, depending on the complexity of the motif you have chosen.

Once finished, enjoy the look of your new Christmas decorations from the street, and from the warmth of your home!