Christmas Ornament Ball

Making Christmas decorations out of old Christmas Cards
Over the years we receive thousands of Christmas cards, adding up to tons of paper. Some of these cards are sentimental, but many are just a pleasure to read, but too pretty to throw away. However, turning your Christmas cards into decorations is a great way to make beautiful paper babbles, without having the risk of them shatter like a traditional glass Christmas ornament ball. Turn them into garlands, hang them from string in front of the fireplace, or turn them into paper ornament balls. Whatever you can do with paper, you can do brightly and colorfully with recycled Christmas cards.


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Hung in a row
Instead of hanging stockings in front of the fire, why not hang some of your most beautiful Christmas cards? An gilded nativity scene or a glittery ornament ball card will catch the light of the fire beautifully. Simply take a ribbon, attach it to the back of the card, and attach it to a stocking weight or place the loose end of the ribbon under a heavy candle. You can also try hanging smaller Christmas cards on the tree in place of a Christmas ornament ball.


We’re all familiar with the traditional way of making paper garlands—we’ve been doing it since kindergarten. In the traditional garland, cut your cards into vertical strips (from top to bottom, not left to right) around an inch thick. Take a strip and make a loop, taping the ends together to secure it. Then bring another strip through the loop, taping it into a circle. Continue doing so until you have a series of interlocking links. A less traditional method is to use a paper punch out and punch out stars, trees, a Christmas ornament ball, or a circle shape from the Christmas card. Once you have a pile of shapes, take a needle and some twine, and string the shapes together by pushing the needle through the center of each shape, as if you were making a popcorn garland. Once finished, these paper chains can be wrapped around a staircase, hung from the ceiling, or draped over an entry way. Wrapping them around the Christmas tree , then hang a Christmas ornament ball or two around them to give your tree a homemade feel.


Paper Christmas Ornament Ball
These breezy, airy Christmas ornaments look great on the tree or piled into a bowl. Cut your Christmas card into strips about ½”- ¼” of an inch thick, until you have 15 strips. Stack strips 3-high, then punch holes on each end. When all the strips have been punched, stack them up, and attach a paper fastner in each end. Bend the strips into a C-Shape (card designs should be facing out) and gently fan the strips out until it forms a globe. To hang your Christmas ball ornament, take a ribbon and wind it around the paper fastener.

Once the holidays are over, you can save your decorations for the next year, or you can place them in the recycling bin and make an entirely new set the following Christmas.