Christmas Tree Decoration

The best popular chains to buy Christmas tree decorations
Around Christmas time we start thinking about buying and decorating that special Christmas tree. Usually Christmas tree decoration is a time of nostalgia, where we bring out the same ornaments we fell in love with as kids, that we use year after year until their old and tattered. But no Christmas tree decoration lasts forever: after a few seasons of accidentally breaks, a tree falling over, and kids smashing priceless heirlooms, it’s time to replace those old standbys for a new Christmas tree decoration set.
But where are the best places to get ornaments? Obviously, some online stores have a great selection, and there are some specialty stores like Gumps or Tuesday Morning which have a beautiful Christmas tree decoration collection available for you to choose from. But if you need ornaments right now, and if you don’t want to pay a fortune for them, then here is a list of standbys:


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Home Depot
Home Depot usually sells Christmas trees on their parking lot, so it makes sense that you would be able to find a wide Christmas tree decoration array. If you go over to their seasonal section, they have a surprising number of tree trimmings and baubles: stars, Christmas ball ornaments, garlands, and lights. To give you a sense of the deal, at Home Depot, you can get a silver or gold 100 piece ornament set for less than $25, and angel toppers normally retain for $12. They also have other items outside of Christmas tree decoration: poinsettias for next to the fireplace, fresh pine wreaths for the door, or a stand to keep your Christmas tree standing tall.

Everyone knows Kohl’s primarily for their selection of low-price clothing and kitchen accessories. But believe it or not, Kohl’s has a great Christmas tree decoration collection that is very elegant without breaking the bank. The selection at Kohl’s differs from that of Home Depot in the sense of what’s being sold—there’s less of an emphasis on hardware (eg ornaments, tree stand) and more of an emphasis on household decorations—fireplace angels and pewter Santa Clauses. That being said, Christmas tree decoration staples like tree skirts and angel toppers can be purchased for less than $15.


K-Mart might not have the hippest reputation at the moment, but it doesn’t deserve the flack that it’s gotten. With the Martha Stewart collection among other deals, K-Mart has a lot of beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated items for not a lot of money. And when it comes time for Christmas, the same exquisite Christmas tree decoration sets you’ll see on Martha Stewart’s website will be made available at local K-Mart stores. A set of silver-lead ornaments can retail for less than $40, and she also sells crystal icicles patterned on the old Victorian style. K-Mart is also the only one of the big chains to stock wooden ornaments as well as glass and plastic ones. At K-mart, there are all kinds of other Christmas tree decoration collections--both in Martha’s Collection and around the store-- that will make your tree get a second lease on life.