Christmas Tree Decorations

The top 5 Catalogues for Christmas Tree Decorations
If you’ve ever been to a mall around Christmas time, you know what a blessing catalogue shopping can be—no fighting through crowds, no heavy bags, no coats and kids to keep track of. But catalogue shopping for Christmas ornaments isn’t quite the same as shopping for a new Christmas tree decorations on the internet. The way the pages are arranged are often inspiring when it comes to choosing decorations. Christmas catalogues are also a time saver—you can flip through one entire catalogue faster than you could load 5 pages on the internet.


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Of course, with catalogues increasingly moving online, you don’t have to order by mail to receive the best new Christmas tree decorations. But how do you know what catalogues are the best? After all, every Christmas you can get hundreds—no exaggeration—of unsolicited catalogues by mail. Who has time to look through all those? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Catalogues for Christmas tree decorations.

Gump’s is primarily a southern brand, but it’s spread in popularity thanks to it’s richly made collection of furniture and home goods. Every year around October, the Gump’s catalogue starts to carry Christmas tree decorations as beautifully made as their leather-topped desk and Tiffany-style table lamps. The Christmas tree decorations in the Gump’s catalogue tend to be ornaments, primarily—beautiful stained glass balls, gold leaf stars, and crystal icicles. But you can also find angel toppers and tree skirts with European motifs.

Terry’s Village
Terry’s Village is so popular because the prices are so low. The trick to their low-cost Christmas tree ornaments is the materials they use. The fancier catalogues use plaster, ceramic, and wood to create their figurines, but Terry’s Village uses a lightweight resin that looks as good as the real thing. The designs aren’t as sophisticated as what you might find in the Gump’s catalogue, but these Christmas tree decorations have a charm that reminds you of the Christmas trees you grew up with—smiling snowmen and glittery pinecones, Rudolph and elves. They also have an entire collection of lights—both cordless and with cords—to keep your tree twinkling.

The Sundance catalogue is best known for silver artisan jewelry and prairie-style skirts, but around Christmas they offer a small but impeccably made Christmas tree decorations collection that is truly unique. Using southwest themes and beautiful materials like olive wood and silver, the Sundance catalogue offers some of the most darling Christmas tree ornaments I’ve ever seen.

Catalog Favorites
Catalog favorites is precisely what it sounds like: a collection of the best pieces from different catalogs. And around Christmas, that collection expands to include Christmas tree ornaments. What Catalog Favorites does well is personalization, so the ornaments you get here can have personalized photos, names, or sayings, making them the ideal Christmas gift for friends and family

Oriental Trading Company
There’s a reason this company has been around since the 1930’s: They have consistently produced one of the finest catalogs for home goods. When Christmas comes around, the OTC doesn’t hold back when it comes to Christmas tree ornaments-their website displays over 4,000 different Christmas items. The amount of sheer numbers means that the Christmas tree decorations you’ll find here will vary from the decadent to the humble, and from the affordable to the lavish.