Christmas Wreath

Tips on How to Make a Christmas Wreath
One of the first signs that is the Christmas season is the lights that appear in our neighbors’ yards with the Christmas wreath that appears at their doors. A Christmas wreath can say a lot about a person, which is why people take such efforts to personalize them and make them beautiful.


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The Christmas wreath has a long and colorful history dating all the way back to the Persian Empire of the 9th Century BC. Back then, the Christmas wreath was rather small and used as a symbol of success. These ‘diadems’ were appropriated by the Greeks during the first Olympic Games, and became a Greek symbol of achievement. These ancient wreaths were made out of pine like the Christmas wreath today, but were rather made out of oak or grape leaves. Over time, the diadem made the transition from head to wall, no doubt having something to do with the way the receivers would proudly display their trophies on the wall.

Today, a Christmas wreath is traditionally made out of pine or spruce, but if you are making your own Christmas wreath, you can make it out of whatever materials you like. Here are some tips to making the perfect Christmas wreath:


Know Your Materials
If you’re going to be making a Christmas wreath out of some plant like eucalyptus, holly, or evergreen, then you are going to want to use a wire frame to build you’re wreath on (using twine to attach the branches to the frame). However, if you are using unorthodox materials such as candy, moss, or glitter, you’ll want a base that’s more solid. Try a foam ring, or use a wooden Christmas wreath and build up from there.


Placement is Everything
When you are making a Christmas wreath, you can’t simply attach the materials to the frame and expect a beautiful Christmas wreath to appear once everything has been covered. The way that the items are placed is particularly important to making sure the wreath is a success. If you’re building the wreath with live plants, make sure the base of each branch is tucked behind the leaves of the first one so you never have to see the twine attaching it to the base. If you’re doing a Christmas wreath out of candy, make sure you are gluing the candy in a uniform way so that nothing is showing through.


Make Sure Everything is Secure
Use more glue or twine then you think you’ll need when building your Christmas wreath—your raft will invariably be dropped, run into, or rattled, and you need to know everything is secure. Also, make sure the Christmas Wreath has been securely tied to your door with twine—you don’t want to run the risk of someone running off with your creation! One way to hide the twine that anchors your Christmas wreath to the door is with a large bow placed on top—traditionally these bows have been in red velvet or felt, but depending on what materials you used for your wreath, a large bow of gold, silver, or green could be just as beautiful.