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3 Fabulous Christmas Craft Ornaments for Kids
One of the things I like to do every Christmas with my kids is make Christmas crafts. Sometimes this means baking cookies or making a gingerbread house, other times it means sewing our own Christmas stockings. But one thing I love more than anything is to make Christmas tree ornaments. Christmas craft ornaments have a particular look and feel that really does make a house a home. It injects some of your personality into your Christmas tree, and allows you and your children fond memories over the years as you look at your craft ornaments and remember all the fun of putting them together.


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If you want to make Christmas craft ornaments with your kids, here are 3 easy ideas that you can do at home with easy-to-find craft supplies:
1) Puzzle Piece Craft Ornaments
All of us are guilt of having a puzzle lying around that’s missing more than its fair share of pieces. Rather than throw it away, why not recycle those puzzle pieces into Christmas craft ornaments? There are dozens of possible designs you can follow, but I’ve included the directions to my favorite one—Candy Cane craft ornaments.

Take your puzzle pieces (about 30 or so per candy cane) and paint half of them red and half of them white using plain old acrylic paint. Then take a pencil, and on a piece of paper, trace out the size and shape of the candy cane you want. Then place the puzzle pieces on that paper (once they’ve dried), alternating red and white pieces so they can appear as dry. Once you’ve got the pieces arranged as you want them, gloss over with some clear varnish and the puzzle pieces will stick in shape.
2) Acorn Craft Ornaments

In November and October, there should still be quite a few acorns on the ground that have not been snatched away by eager squirrels. If you can find some, then you should consider making acorn craft ornaments—they look absolutely charming on the tree, and they cost nothing to make.

You can either paint your acorns different colors, or paint them with some clear varnish depending on what you like better. Then cut a length of ribbon and glue one end onto the acorn, leaving about 4 or 5 inches. Once you’ve done this for a 3-7 acorns, then braid the ribbon ends together so you have a group of acorns. Tie them directly onto the branch of the tree.

3) Pine Tree Craft Ornaments
In these craft ornaments, the objective is to make little Christmas trees in the form of bigger Christmas trees, all using the magic of pine cones. Take 6 inches of ribbon and tie one end to the small end of the pinecone. This will make it easier to hold as you paint the pinecone green. Add some gold, silver, or green glitter while the paint is still wet. Once the pinecone dries, glue sequins, beads, and other small “ornaments” to you’re tree. Make sure you have sometime gold or star-shaped that can go near the tip and act as the tree topper. Once you’re cone dries, hang it on the tree by the ribbon, and you’re all finished.