Dog Ornaments

Dog Ornaments
For most people, dogs are more than just pets—they’re part of the family. They dress them in sweaters, take them to school, spoil them and pamper them just like they would children. That’s why at Christmas time, it isn’t uncommon for people to include their dogs in the Christmas festivities. Some families hang dog ornaments up on the tree, others wrap up presents for the family dog and leave it under the tree.


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Personalized dog ornaments are a great gift idea either for your own dog, or as a gift for a dog-loving family. There are many different options you can find, and most online stores are glad to help you customize your perfect gift. So for that special dog (or dog lover) in your life, here are some examples of personalized dog ornaments you can purchase:

1) Personalized photo frames
Personalized photo frames are great dog ornaments because they can be the most personalized—the best part is, these are easy to make yourself. Go to a crafts store, and look around for Christmas frame ornaments—they’re usually ceramic or plaster. Then take a photo of your favorite dog, glue it onto the back of the frame (or slip it behind the glass) and you have customized dog ornaments you can give to your friends and closest family. If you aren’t interested in making personalized dog ornaments, there are many websites on the internet which will make them for you.

2) Custom Message
Dog ornaments, like “Baby’s first Christmas” ornaments are a great way to celebrate a new member of the family: y giving them their own custom ornament with their name and birth date. Many online companies provide customized messages on Christmas ornaments, so you can craft unique dog ornaments featuring your dog’s name, the day she entered into your family, or a fun nickname.

3) Photo Christmas bulbs
One of the latest trends in Christmas ornaments is being able to get Christmas ornament bulbs with special photos wrapped around them. Online web sites will take photos you have of your dog, scan it into the computer, then print it out onto thin sheets which are transferred directly to the glass bulb ornament. The results are dog ornaments that look beautiful and will last for years.

4) Figurine dog ornaments
One way to personalize your dog ornaments is to find a Christmas ornament that matches that special dog in your life. Websites and ornament stores are full of glass and resin dog figurines in as many shapes as there are breeds. If you’re pet is a dachshund, then order a dachshund ornament to hang from your tree. If you’re best friends is crazy about Dalmatians, then order a small porcelain Dalmatian. Some of the more upscale stores even have sterling silver dogs that can be engraved with the name of your dog.
If you’re looking for ways to personalize your own dog ornaments, try by incorporating aspects that remind you of your dog. Take an old collar and attach the tags to some sleigh bells, or take a dog biscuit and tie a ribbon to it and put it on the tree. Use your creativity to find new ways of integrating your pet into your Christmas celebration.