Holiday Christmas Ornaments

Unique Places to Celebrate the Christmas Season in Los Angeles
When you think of Christmas, the last thing you think about is palm trees, the open beach, and flip flops. But in Southern California, especially the LA area, Christmas is celebrated a little differently. Even when the weather dips down into the 50s, it’s not exactly producing the kind of snow-and-sleigh bells weather so beloved at Christmas time. But if you do happen to live in Los Angeles, you don’t need to despair at the thought of losing some of the holiday atmosphere. In fact, there are plenty of unique places to buy holiday Christmas ornaments, see some light displays, and shop for one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations. You just need to know where to look.



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The first stop in any Los Angeles Christmas celebration has to be the Grove (189 The Grove Drive, near Fairfax and West 3rd St). The Grove is famous for it’s outdoor shopping, fantastic open-air food court, and general buzz—at Christmas however, the lights are perfect for sightseeing. Holiday Christmas ornaments are on display next to strands of fairy lights which wrap around palm trees, up the sides of buildings, and hang over head like a canopy. The Grove has a few little boutiques which sell handmade holiday Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards, and homemade Christmas candy is available in the food court.

If you want something a little less commercial, make some time to see Las Posadas on Olvera Street for a one-of-a-kind religious festival. As the ethnic majority in Los Angeles, Mexican-American culture is alive and well in Los Angeles, and so is the vibrant and colorful style of Mexican Christmas celebration—the reds and yellows of their holiday Christmas ornaments, the lavish feasts, the green, red, and yellow paper decorations. And nowhere is this more on display than in Las Posadas. Located in the El Pueblo historic district of Los Angeles, some of the oldest buildings in LA are located on Olvera Street. Every year during Christmas time, the residents of Olvera Street and surrounding neighborhoods organize the Las Posadas procession. In the procession, a costumed Mary and Joseph (sometimes statues) parade down Olvera Street with a precession of singers, musicians, and other fanfare as they try to find accommodations. The crowd waves homemade holiday Christmas ornaments and plays guitars as “Mary” and “Joseph” reenact their search to find lodging in Bethlehem. After the ceremony, hymns are sung, and then the festivities begin with the breaking of the piñata, out of which falls a cascade of candy and small holiday Christmas ornaments that children scramble to get their hands on. This is repeated every night starting December 16th until December 25th, so visitors will have plenty of opportunities to see the festival if they wish.

If you’re looking for some last minute shopping ideas, try the Avenues of Art and Design in West Hollywood during their annual “Holiday Shopping Night”—glass holiday Christmas ornaments, porcelain vases, clothes, and other handmade goods are all available at discounted prices. You can listen to carolers, even vote on the best Christmas window display. Also in December is Unique Los Angeles, a crafts fair held every year by local artists. When they say Unique Los Angeles, they aren’t kidding—last year, they had a booth that sold nothing but plush stuffed toys in the shape of human organs. That’s definitely a bit more unique than your typical holiday Christmas ornament sale at Target, I can say that much!