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How the Digital Marketplace is Making Christmas Personal
Glass Christmas ornaments have a beautiful, delicate quality that in a way reminds us of how precious the holiday Like any other art and science, Christmas decorations have undergone an evolution as the years have progressed. Back when Christmas trees were first being used in Germany in the 16th century, an ornament was likely to be a candle or a sprig of berries. As time went on, fruit, cloth, and gingerbread cookies became the ornament of choice. By the Victorian period, lightweight steel, wood, and glass were become popular ornament materials. And today, the majority of Christmas ornaments are lightweight glass, resin, and plastic.
However, with the rise of the digital culture, there’s a new evolution that’s reaching the world of Christmas tree decoration: the digital ornament. This is a broadband term, and it includes everything from electronic Christmas ornaments with digital components, to one-of-a-kind personalized ornaments which could only be purchased over a digital medium like the internet. But the emphasis on the personalized ornament has allowed individuals to personalize their Christmas trees like never before.

One of the newest trends emerging this Christmas is the digital photo ornament. Digital photo frames started appearing a few years back as a way for families to display their digital photographs without having to go to the printers. By simply plugging in any thumb drive or memory stick, the digital photo frame would display a new picture every 30 seconds or so, allowing people to display their digital photographs without having to pick a favorite.

The same idea holds true for a digital Christmas frame ornament. A digital Christmas frame ornament can be purchased at any ornament shop like Hallmark, but you can also find them at tech shops like Radio Shack around the holidays. Simply load the photographs you want displayed by attaching a USB cord to a computer and dragging the photos into the memory of the digital photo ornament. You can also plug in a thumb drive or a USB directly in some models. Then hang the Christmas ornament on the tree, and your photos will be displayed in glimmering digital color.

Outside of digital picture frames, buying a personalized Christmas ornament from a digital store is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to buy a Christmas ornament. One of the great things about the web is that people can produce very specific, one-of-a-kind creations with a minimum of up front capital. You don’t have to buy a store front to sell a personalized dog ornament collection if you have a store on the internet. This has given rise to a great deal of decoration and ornament diversity, and in the digital marketplace people can now find exactly what they’re looking for.

One example of this can be found with the Snowflake Ornament company, which specializes in selling different variations of their classic glass ornament. Each one of their hand-crafted ornament balls can be ordered with a special message that will be painted on with hand-drawn calligraphy. So whether you want to personalize your Christmas trees with personal photos or a personal message, there’s no better medium than the internet to find it!