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Things to Consider When Picking Out Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Kids
For a child, a Christmas tree is more than simply a decoration—it’s a magical, almost mysterious thing. Many children spend countless hours looking at a decorated Christmas tree, playing with the ornaments, lights, or tinsel, or looking for presents with their names on them underneath. Children often have favorite Christmas ornaments that they love more than others, and these are memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. That’s why the growing market of personalized Christmas ornaments are so wonderful for kids—it allows them the opportunity of having something that is all their own on this magical thing called a Christmas tree.


But picking out the right personalized Christmas ornaments means going beyond a glass ornament with the child’s name on it. It means picking out something that is unique to or special about the child and celebrating it. One of the ways to do that is by looking for Christmas ornaments that really encapsulate what your child is interested in or what he or she does.


One of the first thing to consider when picking out personalized Christmas ornaments is what means more to your child: the ornament or the personalization? For example, a little girl who loves the color gold might prefer a beautiful, one-of-a-kind golden ornament that fits her personal taste. If another little boy loves basketball, then the more personalized Christmas ornaments (such as those depicting a little boy playing basketball) might be more appropriate.


If you decide to go the route of the more personalized Christmas ornaments, there are many different factors to consider. What qualities do you think your child would find most appealing in a Christmas decoration? Personalized Christmas ornaments tend to come in different categories: ethnicity, activities, and relationships. Some children really enjoy seeing their likeness on a Christmas ornament—it makes them seem more personal. In cases like that, picking personalized Christmas ornaments with the same hair color and ethnicity as your child may be a source of great delight. Some children are proud of their activities, so they gravitate towards personalized Christmas ornaments that reflect their love of sports or math. These ornaments could depict a child playing basketball, or just an ornament shaped to look like a basketball—there are hundreds of options to choose from. Finally, relationships are another important factor for some children when it comes to personalized Christmas ornaments. Whether it’s a relationship with a grandparent, a parent, a dog, or a brother, figurines that depict these relationships can be the source of a great deal of joy for the right child.


Personalized Christmas ornaments can be found most easily on the internet. There are a variety of sites that are available that can offer a variety of personalization services. For some, that means painting on a name, a phrase, or a date onto a very beautiful, very ornate ornament. For others, it means carrying a wide selection of small glass and plaster ornaments that depict very specific, very personal characteristics: an Asian child playing the tuba, for example, or an African-American girl going ice skating. Often, these sites will create specialty ornaments if you don’t see something specific to your child.