Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Making Memories with Personalized Christmas Ornaments
Decorating a Christmas tree is a highly individual process for every family, and it’s one of the Christmas traditions that everyone—no matter how unorthodox—tries to make time for. Every family member has a personalized Christmas ornament that means more to them than all the others, every family has a particular system for how they decorate the tree, and every family has a preference when it comes to what kind of tree they should buy.


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The timing of decorating the tree is everything: some families put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and take it down the day after New Year’s. Other families, particularly those in Europe, wait until Christmas Eve to decorate their tree. Children hang their personalized Christmas ornament in the front on the very tips of the branches, and must be reminded not to forget the back, or the areas near the trunk of the tree.

Yes, indeed, the Christmas tree tradition is a deeply rooted favorite of the Christmas celebration, which is why the types of ornaments that go on it are so important and personal. There’s a tie between the Christmas tree and family, not only the immediate family, but also the extended family, the grandparents and aunts and uncles who have come and gone. That’s why personalized Christmas ornament collections are so important—they serve as reminders for those who couldn’t be there to celebrate with us, and help us remember earlier Christmas memories.

The most common kind of Christmas ornament is the ball ornament, so it stands to reason that the most common personalized Christmas ornament collections are usually composed of ball ornaments. Often made of thin glass or fabric, these ornaments range in style from the very simple to the very elaborate. One personalized Christmas ornament in my house growing up was a glass ball ornament I purchased for my parents while I was in Venice. It wasn’t a personalized Christmas ornament in the sense of having been made exclusively for me, but rather personalized in the sense that it had been purchased in a significant way, with unique properties, that will always make it personally important to me. It was hand-blown, filled with the swirls and ripples of marbled paper in different shades of blue, with flecks of gold throughout. Every time I look at that personalized Christmas ornament, I remember how excited I was to give it to my parents, and the thrill of finding it in the glass store.

Our tree also has a fair share of personalized Christmas ornament pieces that have been personalized for our family. One of these is a crystal snowflake from the Snowflake Ornament Company, which comes in heavy glass and has the name of our family and the year of the Christmas when we bought it etched on the side. We have Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, and the first ornaments my parents bought after they got married. All of these personalized Christmas ornament pieces stand as fond memories of a time when things had changed in some way—we had traveled, children had been born, new traditions were made. It’s nice to think that change as well as tradition is something we celebrate at Christmas