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The Perfect Christmas Present: Personalized Ornaments
Christmas shopping is easy enough when you’re shopping for people in your own family. You know what your sister needs, what your husband likes, and what your kids have been craving. But there are a host of other people for whom Christmas shopping is particularly difficult: bosses, coworkers, a new friend, a neighbor or an acquaintance. That’s where a personalized ornament comes in. Giving a personalized ornament for Christmas is a great way to give a fun, light present to someone that encapsulates the essence of who they are and why they’re important to you.


The personalized ornament comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be tailor made for whomever you’re buying for. Here are some of the main categories to consider when buying a personalized ornament this Christmas:


Relationship Ornaments
A relationship ornament is any kind of personalized ornament that celebrates the love of our lives. These can be used to celebrate anniversaries and weddings, engagements and first Christmases as a married couple. Unlike many of the other personalized Christmas ornament collections that gravitate towards figurines, these Christmas ornaments tend to be in the shape of elegant glass balls or plaques.


Family Christmas Ornaments
Know a couple expecting their first baby? How about a women who just had twins? There are several different kinds of personalized ornament pieces that celebrate childbirth and families new and old. These can vary from delicate glass bulbs to figurines.


Graduation Christmas Ornaments
Graduation is an exciting time of year, so why not celebrate it with a personalized ornament? No matter if the friend or relative in your life has graduated from high school or medical school, there is a personalized ornament out there to help them remember it. These can be as simple as an ornament of the graduation hat, tassel, and diploma, to full-figured glass students in their cap and gown.

Musicians’ Christmas Ornaments
For those who are passionate about music, a personalized ornament can be a way of sharing your appreciation and love of their craft. Musicians’ ornaments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have more diversity and options than perhaps any other personalized ornament category on this list. Get miniature instruments made out of metal or glass, small plaques with sheet music, or musical notes with the musician’s name engraved on the surface.

Occupational Ornaments
For the doctor or lawyer in your life, an occupational personalized ornament is a whimsical way of letting them know how much you appreciate their services. These ornaments are almost always small figures dressed as firemen, doctors, police officers, or teachers.

Pet Ornaments
Everyone has at least one friend or neighbor that has a very close relationship with their dog and treats it like part of the family. In those cases, a personalized ornament in the form of a dog or cat ornament is the perfect fit. There is a type of personalized ornament for every breed of dog and cat—not to mention horses, fish, and anything else you can think of!