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Great Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas
Your baby’s first Christmas is an important milestone in a child’s life. Even if he or she isn’t old enough to remember it, the holiday marks the first time this magical time of year could be enjoyed by a new member of the family. It shows that the circle of love has gotten bigger. The memories you make at these first Christmases will be stronger than most of the other Christmases your family will share. That’s why personalized ornaments are such a wonderful way to help celebrate the occasion—their a visual reminder of the first Christmas your child spent with the family, and a great way to ensure your child remembers it when he or she grows up.


Outside of scrapbooks, personalized ornaments are often the only way in which a child can recall anything about their first Christmas. It is one of the few treasures they can carry over from year to year, grow up with, and keep as there own. That’s why personalized ornaments are especially powerful—it allows your child to have something uniquely there own to contribute to the Christmas tree, just as they have contributed something unique to the family. It doesn’t matter how many personalized ornaments you have, just as it doesn’t matter how many family members you have—each one is one-of-a-kind, special, and unforgettable.

When it comes to a child’s first Christmas, traditionally people choose personalized ornaments that reflect the date. A ball that has the year printed on it, or a picture frame that reads “baby’s first Christmas” on it. But another fantastic option is to choose personalized ornaments that can be immediately enjoyed by your baby. Many glass ornaments and picture frames won’t be enjoyed until later years, since the baby won’t be able to touch them without breaking them. A new generation of personalized ornaments, however, have been engineered so that baby’s can enjoy them immediately—as well as in later years.


Everyone is familiar with crib mobiles—the galaxy of plush toys and balls that dangle from cribs and help keep baby’s busy and active. The latest personalized ornaments are built around the concept of mobiles—plush, squeezable toys that have a variety of different features that can delight the baby and are virtually unbreakable.


Many mobiles have a musical component, where at the touch of a button the mobile starts slowly rotating while playing a lullaby. With these new plush personalized ornaments, you can also order musical components as well. One website, Baby N’ Toddlers, has a series of musical personalized ornaments that play Christmas carols with just a gentle squeeze.


One of the things babies adore is Christmas lights—the twinkling, the vibrant colors, it’s absolutely a stunning display for new eyes. Many plush personalized Christmas ornaments can be purchased with unique light-up qualities, so they can glow or twinkle, depending on the kind of personalized ornament you choose. So rather than just falling back on traditional Christmas decorations for your babies first Christmas, why not look around for some personalized ornaments that will delight your child now, and in years to come?