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The Best Way to Display your Photo Christmas Ornaments
With the popularity of digital cameras and Facebook, there are now more photographs of us than ever before. Some of these photographs represent our favorite memories; others might be particularly flattering pictures of us, while still others could be snapshots from favorite vacations. It’s in part this proliferation of digital pictures that has caused such a rise in demand for photo ornament memorabilia and technology. With a photo ornament, you can take a favorite snapshot and have it printed onto a glass ball, placed inside a clear Christmas decoration, or put in a picture frame.


But the traditional practice of hanging a Christmas ornament on the family tree doesn’t always work as well as it should for a photo ornament. With a photo ornament, the emphasis is on the detail. You want to see the smiles, the eyes, the colors, and for that, you need to be in close proximity to the decoration. Traditional Christmas ornaments are made out of glitter, gold, ribbons and crystal—they are meant to attract the eye from across the room. When a photo ornament is put next to such a lavish display, it can get lost in the mix.


That’s why, in order to best display your photo ornaments, you should think about hanging them in a separate place where they can be easily viewed. An elegant solution to this problem is the hanging ornament display tree. Ornament display trees are traditionally used by Christmas stores to display their variety of ornaments for purchase. But in recent years they have become increasingly popular for people who have precious or sentimental ornaments (such as a photo ornament collection) they wish to display.

There are several different kinds of ornament trees available in a variety of different prices and materials for you to choose from:


Ceiling Ornament Trees
A ceiling ornament tree is in the shape of an upside down tree, and attaches to your ceiling. If you have a photo ornament collection where all the ornaments are in a similar color or pallet, a ceiling mounted ornament tree would be one of the best ways to display your pictures. If you hung a strand of small white lights around the ornament tree branches, and then hung a photo ornament off each branch in the same color, the overall effect would be one of a beautiful Christmas chandelier.


Wall-Mounted Ornament Trees
While the wall-mounted ornament trees are the least popular of the ornament tree collections, they do serve as a wonderful way to display your pictures. On the plus side, a wall-mounted ornament tree allows visitors to get up very close to a photo ornament and see all the detail of the picture. On the down side, because these trees are mounted on the wall and stick out a few feet, there is an increased chances of someone knocking off a photo ornament. Keep the damage to a minimum by hanging a hardy framed photo ornament instead of the more delicate glass ball variety.

Stand-Alone Ornament Trees
Stand alone ornament trees are by far the most popular way to display a photo ornament collection. They can be used as centerpieces for a dinner, or placed as decorations around the house. They’re even perfect for outdoor displays. Because of their popularity, there is a great deal of variety in the kind of ornament trees you can by:buy: gold and silver, rotating or still. Some can only hold 12 photo ornament pieces, while other trees can hold up to 80. But no matter what size you get, a stand alone tree makes sure your favorite photo ornament pieces are the star of the show.